The Day In Review


Today was a long but somewhat productive day.

The majority of the day was as spent Christmas shopping, which is always an ordeal. Too little time and too many people to buy for. For me there's nothing more tiresome and claustrophobic than being in a mall overstuffed with people.

Despite the headache of Christmas shopping and being trampled over by strangers, I  did manage to make my way to Chinatown(not really a town, more of a novelty street)  to pick up some movies for $2 each. Here's what I picked up:

1. I Come With The Rain (Japan) - Absolutely can not wait to see this. Saw a 5 min promo reel of this movie online awhile ago and was immediately taken by the international cast and how stylished it looked.  Expectations are high, I'm basically teeming with excitement right now. If it's a cam version I'm going to burst out in tears.

2. Goddess of Mercy (Hong Kong/Taiwan) -  Heard great things about this movie but could never get my hands on a copy until now. I'm not a big Ann Hui fan but the plot and cast seems rather intriguing.

3. Colour Of The Truth (Hong Kong) -  The synopsis on the back of the dvd doesn't make sense and the fact that Wong Jing is involved in it doesn't give me much hope. But with that said, it does feature Anthony Wong, Lau Ching Wan and Jordan Chan and is co directed by Marco Mak. So this one's definitely the dark horse of the bunch.

4. McDdull, Prince de la Bun ( Hong Kong) -  Who doesn't love a little Mcdull? This one for some reason was hard to find until now.

5. Yi Yi The Criterion Collection (Taiwan) -  Seen this one before and loved it. It features a new transfer and comes loaded with special features. Edward Yang is sorely missed.

6. Bullets Over Summer ( Hong Kong) -  Seen this many years ago, have always wanted to revisit it. I remember it features a frantic Francis Ng running all over Hong Kong yelling at people while wiping away beads of sweat from his forehead.  Also may have been the last proper Wilson Yip film before he went all Donnie Yen and CGI crazy on all of us. I really hate Yip Man and fucking Tiger Dragon Gate.

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