The Return of The DVD Store


Remember the good old days when all you used to do was go to a DVD store  in Chinatown or any Asian mall and scour the endless racks for new and obscure Asian films?  Remember how in the late 90s these stores foolishly replaced their extensive Asian film catalogue for cam versions of the latest American flicks? Many of them got raided by the police and had to close or move to a different location.

Well they're back, at least in Toronto that is, and boy am I glad. I'm seeing more and more DVD stores popping up  with impressive selection of old school Shaw Bros films, the latest  Hong Kong offerings and even some out of print Criterion stuff.

The best part is the price. Many of these shops are running sweet deals:


Deal of the day:

3 Disc collection of the One Armed Swordsman 1-3

Seven Swords (3 Disc  Set)

The Lunatics

Vampire Vs Vampire


Trivial Matters

All for $11, not bad eh?

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