Scared Stiff 小生梦惊魂






Director: Lau Kar Wing

Cast: Michael Miu, Eric Tsang, Anita Mu and Chow Yun Fat.




That fucking snarl is priceless


Plot: Where to start? There's Eric Tsang as a bumbling idiot who pretends to be a robot maid(not kidding) and the stone faced Michael Miu as a womanizer/Jedi warrior. Then there's Chow Yun Fat as...forget it, this movie is just too wild to explain.

Michael Miu is sort of a revelation here. Known for his stoic and impossibly boring acting approach, Miu actually fairs quite well in this quirky little movie. He's charismatic, funny and pretty effective in moments of suspense. He almost manages to upstage the always dependable Chow Yun Fat, here playing a crooked cop out for blood.

 Chow for the most of the film seems to be relishing the oportunity to play something besides a heroic badass who's never morally conflicted. And since he's clearly having fun playing the villain, we as the audience completely buy it.

 Eric Tsang is Eric Tsang, short, chubby and annoyingly high pitched.

 The directing by Lau Ka Wing is nothing short of zany. The movie zips along moving from screwball comedy to mellow drama and finally turns into a violent crime thriller all quite smoothly.

Conclusion: The bottom line is, this movie despite a slow start, wins you over with its wackiness and manages to be ridiculously watchable.

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